Our Place

“Centre Downe” is a 59 acre sanctuary of meadows and woodlands chickenslocated about half-way between the downtown areas of Meredith and Laconia.  We are surrounded by conservation areas that have been described as “one of the gems of Laconia”.  This is where we have built our home and planted our gardens and raised our family over the past ten years.  And it is now where we house our naturopathic medical practice, Centre Downe Health.  The name derives from a few places. The old English downe “rolling grassy slopes”, and the fact that this is a peaceful place where people and nature can coexist and benefit from one another.  It is a place where people of diverse backgrounds can experience a slower pace, take a moment to calm down and connect with their center and with the healing benefits of nature surrounding them in this beautiful region.

When you arrive, you will drive down the dirt driveway, park by the chicken coop and you might even be greeted by a few friendly free-ranging hens.  Dr. Paterson’s new office will be located on the first floor, and Dr. Cranford’s office is up the deck stairs, entry on the second floor.  You may see either doctor, or both, depending upon you needs and desires.  CentreDowneHealth_lifeWe also have a friendly, low-allergen Siberian cat named Nepeta cataria (latin for catnip).  As much as she may try to convince you that she is an outdoor cat, please do not believe her.  Dr. Paterson’s office will be kept cat-free in case of anyone with severe cat allergies.

From the deck you may view the circle gardens in the back yard, and the baby orchard beyond that.  Through the woods begins the shoreline of Pickerel Pond, more visible in the winter with the leaf-fall, but always present.  There are trails through the woods that may be used for guided plant tours and herb walks.  Because this is our home as well as our practice location, we request that you have an appointment before coming or that you arrange a time to come to pick up supplements that you may need.  We will have office hours Monday-Thursday regularly, but will only hold special events Friday-Sunday, of which we will keep you posted via our website calendar.