An Open Window

An Opening Window: Transitioning to Centre Downe Health

An Opening Window: Transitioning to Centre Downe Health You know how they say “when one door closes, somewhere, a window opens”?  Yes, well, this is like that.  Things are changing at a rapid pace in our professional life at the moment, and we are essentially, along for the ride, and also authors of our own…


By Way of Introduction: The Residents of Centre Downe

  Living here are the three of us, well, four, if you count the cat, (which we do).  By way of introduction, let us begin with the feline member of our household, in case any of you have concerns about allergies.  The first thing to know is that she is called Nepeta cataria.  This is,…


Dirt Medicine

The phrase “Dirt Medicine” came into my mind a while ago and I’ve been unable to shake it.  In thinking about Dirt Medicine my concept has become clearer and more evolved.  It is becoming a call to action for me as a Naturopathic practitioner.  As a distinct system of medicine, Naturopathy has its own set of foundational principles.  There are the…