Our First Month At Centre Downe Health

DSC_0532Our First Month at Centre Downe Health
Wow. All we can say is Thank you. Thank you to our wonderful friends and family who said “Congratulations!” not “Oh, No!” when we learned that the Holistic Health Center was being closed. And Thank You to those who said things like “I’m so excited for you!”, “It’s going to be awesome.” and “What a great opportunity for you guys!” Thank you to the talented friends who have so generously helped us to develop our new entity. In particular, I would like to thank Sally Holder, CPA through SBDC who has been invaluable by supporting and coaching in us the ways of private practice, in the past and now into our new future. And to Sarah Daniels-Campbell of LulaStella Design Studio who has created for us such a beautiful website, including doing a photoshoot that really captured our place and our spirits as we undertake this new chapter of our life together. We thank Farm and Wilderness Camp in Plymouth VT, and all of the friends and family who have created safe and fun spaces for our daughter Sage to spend much of her summer as Mom and Dad were in the throes of building a new business (BO-ring). Thanks too, to Crystal, Deb and Sherrie who have worked to help Dr. Paterson’s transition from old to new go as smoothly as possible.
And, to those of Brian’s old patients who found him here on his first month and kept us busier than we could have hoped for, Thank you. You give us the confidence that this work speaks for itself. As one client said about his move: “I’d follow him to the ends of the earth”. This says so much about how much people have come to rely upon and trust Dr. Paterson’s work. And to the new patients that we have seen this month, Welcome and Thank You as well, for helping us to build the new! And to those patients and practitioners who have, this month and over the years, spread the word that there is a very viable alternative to surgery, pharmaceuticals and despair. We are so proud to be on your list of reliable referral sources. And, also, Thank You, for your patience, to anyone who has had trouble finding us or contacting us, and for continuing to try as we get the word out about where we are and how best to connect to our new practice!
As we embark upon this new identity, we feel the support of the community of Naturopathic Doctors in the state of NH and across the US. It is amazing to be part of the history of the resurgence of Naturopathic Medicine. From the 1970s with one small school and just a few graduates to today, a thriving community including seven universities in North America, licensure in 17 US states and 3 provinces as well as vigorous licensure drives in many other states, we have clarity that this is real, and really effective medicine!